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Planning Department

The Planning Department is involved in projects that range from Administrative Use Sign Permits to Updating the General Plan. Throughout this site we hope to provide information, documents, and forms that will make it easier for you to fufill your planning needs. On this site we have provided maps of the City, Planning Applications and other information we thought would be useful.

What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a constitution for a City or County to live by. It acts as a blueprint for how the City will function and expand. In California, the General Plan consists of seven required elements, as well as any optional elements that the jurisdiction may choose to adopt. The required seven elements are: land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise, and safety.

Current Projects

The City of Plymouth has made significant progress towards a new era of economic development. Since the late 1980's, the City of Plymouth had a building moratorium resulting from a critical water shortage. In January 2010, in conjunction with the Amador Water Agency, the City completed anew water supply pipeline.

Energy Action Plan

Purpose of the Plymouth Energy Action Plan

The EAP can be used by local residents and business owners to see where they might achieve greater energy efficiency in their home or commercial building. The local municipal government can use it to guide decisions about how to make the City’s building and operational infrastructure more energy efficient. It can also be used by City staff to prioritize programs to inform, encourage and inspire residents and businesses owners to be more energy efficient now and in the future. Exploring and implementing energy-efficiency programs creates flexibility for the City in meeting its energy demand. This in turn helps the community be more self-sufficient and economically resilient in light of probable future increases in energy prices, whether due to market conditions or the regulatory environment. Being energy efficient does not compromise the City’s small-country character or charm but rather enhances its ability to respond to the ever-changing external conditions related to energy supply and demand. Click here to get more information

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James Beggs,

Phone Number: 209-245-6941